SEO, Facebook & Web Marketing

If you offer a service to local customers and they can not find your business online then what is the point in having a website. My SEO services are unmatched in driving local customers who are in need of your services to your website or business citations (your business listings on other sites)

Search Engine Optimization

What does this entail and what do you get?

  • Full SEO report* for customized search engine optimization plan
  • Customised Google Plus local listing (local placement), plus listings on over 30 and sometimes 40+ directories.
  • Google Webmaster Recommendations
  • Google Analytics account review and web traffic analysis
  • Install / update new XML site map for website and search engine crawls
  • Edit back end meta information / page titles / H1 / image tags / And more
  • Conduct keyword analysis and inclusion
  • Content creation recommendations
  • Blog optimization
  • Customer review management recommendations
  • Provide ongoing expert web marketing and digital media advice
  • Create and manage Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social sites.
  • Ongoing monthly SEO management including backlinks

Many companies out there claim to offer SEO and charge you a never ending huge bill. Well we will always offer up proof of our work and you WILL see results which will convert into sales. We do not rest until you own the internet. Best of all is that we also teach you the skills needed to keep your website infront of customers long after our work is done. Below are a few examples of my customer reports we send out either weekly or monthly. Proof is in the pudding and below are a few SEO examples.examples.


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1st month of seo work for EastCoast Wood Floors.  This was a brand new website which are always the hardest.  

Quick results after 2 weeks of SEO work for Adpro who was invisible due to poor seo from a new "website guy" he hired.  All will be better soon!

3 month seo work for Fenix BJJ. 

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Aggressive 1 year Tree service company SEO down in Essex. 

Local SEO Company for the North Shore of Massachusetts

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New Hampshire SEO

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