Search Engine Optimization Services

  • #1 Online Business CitationsOnline Business Citations

    Your directory listings should be consistent across the web
  • #2 Onsite OptimizationOnsite Optimization

    Clean code along with proper title and description tags
  • #3 Age & History Of Your SiteAge & History Of Your Site

    You are in great shape if your website has been around for a while. New sites don't search as well as older sites
  • #4 Helpful Local Business LinksHelpful Local Business Links

    Links form local businesses and other relevant websites tells google that "you are important"
  • #5 Links From Industry Specific SitesLinks From Industry Specific Sites

    Like business citations and links to your website add what is called "Page Rank"
  • #6 Traffic From CustomersTraffic From Customers

    Google knows if you are a player or not. If you already get some pretty decent traffic, Google will search you a little better.
  • #7 Robust ContentRobust Content

    Content is king. SEO, in a nutshell, is making sure that Google thinks you are the end all be all for a particular key phrase. Well written content that provides relevant information about the products and services you are offering makes all the difference.

Hi Rob, I am sorry I have not been as responsive as normal- this is a good thing your SEO is working and I am swamped! Thank you so much for the results. Our phones are constantly ringing which is amazing. I am not sure what you have in the SEO words but we have had 6 reputable builders contact us in the past 2 weeks which is exactly what we were looking for. ~ Lindsay from Galvin Electric of Newton MA

If you offer a service to local customers and they can not find your business online then what is the point in having a website. My SEO services are unmatched in driving local customers who are in need of your services to your website or business citations (your business listings on other sites)


Can you think about this for a minute or two?

All things equal, do you think your favorite movie star or sportsman will ever be famous and loved for their skills and unexceptional talent if they weren’t in a place or a platform to showcase their skills and get noticed? Would Messi or say Brad Pitt be recognized universally for their talents if they were stuck in a room with no one to admire their skills? I’d say probably not.

The same can be said for your website.

The bitter truth is you can gather and throw everything you’ve got – your time, effort and resources - into creating a website with unique, valuable content and still be a nobody with no brand presence as far as site visibility and online presence go.

With millions of websites competing for the same attention you are also fighting for, you’d need much more than mere skills to get yourself noticed.

… a reason why your website should always be optimized for search engines. Everyone including you search for information online using a search engine.

The higher your site ranking on the search engine result page (SERP), the higher your chances of increasing your website visibility and driving organic traffic to your site.

This means you get more visitors visiting your websites for one purpose or the other. You also get to build trust and credibility with your targets which is some of the benefits of being ranked high enough in SERP for your targets to see you.

With a lot of traffic coming your way, you get the chance to increase your customer base, generate more leads and ultimately make more sales.

As far as conducting your business or increasing your website visibility and reach is concerned, the benefit of using SEO cannot be overestimated.

I’d loved to assist you in optimizing your site for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

What does this entail and what do you get?

  • Full SEO report* for customized search engine optimization plan
  • Customised Google Plus local listing (local placement), plus listings on over 30 and sometimes 40+ directories.
  • Google Webmaster Recommendations
  • Google Analytics account review and web traffic analysis
  • Install / update new XML site map for website and search engine crawls
  • Edit back end meta information / page titles / H1 / image tags / And more
  • Conduct keyword analysis and inclusion
  • Content creation recommendations
  • Blog optimization
  • Customer review management recommendations
  • Provide ongoing expert web marketing and digital media advice
  • Create and manage Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social sites.
  • Ongoing monthly SEO management including backlinks

Many companies out there claim to offer SEO and charge you a never ending huge bill. Well we will always offer up proof of our work and you WILL see results which will convert into sales. We do not rest until you own the internet. Best of all is that we also teach you the skills needed to keep your website infront of customers long after our work is done. Below are a few examples of my customer reports we send out either weekly or monthly. Proof is in the pudding and below are a few SEO examples.examples.


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