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    Bullet point out what differentiates you from other..ie, clean branded vehicles, Timely Response Guarantee, Guaranteed Fair Pricing
    In 25 words or less, tell a visitor to your site what products and services your site offers.
    In 25 words or less, tell a visitor to your site why they need these products and services.
    In 25 words or less, tell a visitor to your site why they should obtain these products and services from your website (rather than from your competitors).
    In 15 words or less, tell a visitor to your site what you offer.

    Describe your web audience.

    List the websites of your major competitors and tell us what you like or don't like about their websites. Please also point us to any other websites which you particularly like — and tell us why you like them.

    Please detail how pages are to be organized within your website. In particular, please provide:


    • Names of all menus. Please indicate also which menu is the main menu. A site might include, for instance: Main Menu; Downloads; Hot Deals; and Latest News.
    • Scope of all menus. Unless specified otherwise, all menus will be visible from all pages (and this must be the case for the main menu). Certain menus may, however, only be visible from certain pages. For example, selecting a Classifieds menu item from the main menu of your website may not only take the user to a Classifieds page, but may cause the Classifieds menu to become visible.
    • Titles of all menu items. These may be shortened versions of webpage titles. E.g. a webpage which is titled Bright lights big city: packing up and moving to New York City might be abbreviated in a menu to Moving to NYC.
    • Titles of all submenu items. E.g. the menu item Moving to NYC might have beneath it two submenu items: Find a place to live and Find a job.
    • The order in which menu items are to be listed. Don't use an alphabetic listing. Put the items you want users to see first in the first few positions in your menus. The items in the middle (not at the end) of menus are the least visible: put your least important menu items in the middle of your menu item ordering. The last item in your main menu should be Contact Us and the second last item in that menu should be About Us.
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